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Wrapide CW-01 Round Bale Weatherproofing Wrapper


This is a new machine which will help farmers to reduce wastage in outside stored round bales, therefore saving them money. It works by applying plastic film around the circumference of individual round bales to protect them from the weather.

It has been designed to be robust, easy to use and capable of high work rates. It is self loading and unloading, therefore only requiring one tractor to do the job.

The Wrapide CW-01was on view for the first time at the Royal Highland Show, where it was awarded a Silver Medal for Technical Innovation.


Watch the Wrapide in action

Front Machinery - forward thinking technology

With the price of straw reaching such high levels over the past few years, many farmers will be looking for ways to reduce their straw costs.
By leaving bales outside and uncovered over the winter, over 50% of the bale can be wasted due to them absorbing water.

Front Machinery offers a cost effective solution to this age old problem. By wrapping the bale's circumference in a small amount of plastic film, a cost effective solution is achieved.
One roll of film can wrap 90 bales, giving a film cost per bale of under 65p. You only need to reduce your bale wastage by 10 - 15% to make the Wrapide pay.

wrapped balesafe from winter weather